Avoid Overindulging this Festive Season

Avoid overindulging this Festive Season and welcome the New Year in with your best self, with these tips, from Personal Trainer Chris Dufey:

1 Exercise on the day you are going out.
This will increase your metabolism but also enhance your hormonal profile so your body can handle the food choices you make later.

2 Continue eating during the day.
Especially if you know it’s a party where you will have limited healthy options to eat. You want your hunger satisfied, and metabolism raised.

3 Only eat while sitting down and always eat your food from a plate.
This will help to ensure you see the portion amount of what you’re eating and are settled down to enjoy the food you’re going to consume. Standing and picking all night equates to over-indulgence.

4 Skip the breadbasket.
Instead, opt for healthier entrées such as olives, nuts, salads or soups. All these healthy options won’t provide you with unnecessary bad fats, and processed carbohydrates.

5 Share with a friend.
If you’re going to splurge on the cheesecake, pie, or anything else you have been eyeing off that isn’t ideal for your waistline or heart, then have a small portion or share with a friend. You don’t need to have the whole thing just because its there.

6 Proteins.
Choose meals with good portions of protein such as turkey, lamb, beef, chicken, fish or kangaroo. When the meal arrives, start by eating the protein portion of the meal first, as this is the only nutrient that turns your body’s hunger mechanism off, which will contribute to avoiding overeating.

We all love to eat and socialise – especially this time of year. Celebrating with food and drink is an age-old tradition, but with these tips and tricks you won’t be sacrificing your body and health; instead, you’ll welcome in a new year with an impressive level of health, wellbeing and fitness.