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Challenge Yourself Today

With a new year just around the corner, now is the time to see if all your hard work has paid off or if you need to go harder. These seemingly simple challenges reveal just how fit you really are.


This is the exercise some personal trainers get unsuspecting clients to do. It’s basically a crawl where you keep your knees off the ground. It seems easy at first but since it’s using virtually every muscle in your body, exhaustion hits quickly. It’s a great test of fitness. Make sure your back is flat and that your hips don’t swing from side to side.
Super fit: 40 metres or more
Fit: 20m-39m
Barely fit: 10m-19m
Unfit: Less than 10m


Stand in front of a chair, feet shoulder-width apart and squat down to lightly touch the chair before standing again. See how many you can do in one minute. Make sure the chair is low enough so that it allows your hip bone to drop a fraction below your knee.
Superfit: More than 60
Fit: 40-60
Barely fit: 20-39
Unfit: Less than 20


The US Marines use this challenge as a way of testing potential recruits. Hang from a bar (it doesn’t matter how you hold it) and keep your chin above the bar as long as possible.
Superfit: 70 seconds or more
Fit: between 50s and 69s
Barely fit: between 30s and 49s
Unfit: Less than 30s


How fast can you run 1km on a treadmill from a stationary start? This exercise tests your cardiovascular system and can be done on any treadmill. Set the elevation to one degree and keep a constant pace for 1km.
Superfit: 3 min 30s or less
Fit: Between 3 min 30s and 5 min
Barely fit: Between 5 min and 6min 30s
Unfit: More than 6 min 30s