Boxing / Box-Fit

Progress bar

Intensity - moderate to high - 100%
Duration – 45min - 88%
Class level - Open - 70%


BOXING 45MIN  Based on simple punches moving into more complex combinations and cardio routines.  Using pads & boxing gloves with easy step moves, including power & strength phases for total body conditioning.

BOX-FIT 45MIN  A workout based on the training used for boxing, includes skipping, footwork, boxing drills using pads & boxing gloves. Focusing on abdominal work, toning and cardio strength.

 You will be challenged physically, while learning correct technique & accuracy.

Both classes are high intensity workout with a PUNCH! Push your body to the limit while learning authentic boxing techniques. So for the real deal, this is your class.

Questions about the Class and what the people say

Yes! Boxing is a great full-body workout with the added benefit of building excellent hand-eye coordination.

We provide all the equipment you need for this class. It is advised that you invest in your own personal hand wraps/liners.